Drum Lessons in Harleysville, PA



The beginner level class is perfect for first-time Drum Students.  They will learn proper technique in support of Matched or Traditional grip, Introduction to Rudimemts, Reading, and Rythym with application on the drum set! The student will learn basic grooves and beats very quickly!

Equipment used in our drum lessons in Harleyville, PA


The intermediate level builds on the skills acquired in the beginner class. Students explore more sophisticated rhythms and grooves and learn different musical styles. Emphasis on application and experiential learning are a big focus here.  The students repertoire begins to build and take shape being weighted towards the student‘s interests and balanced to ensure successful achievement of goals



The advanced program is where it all comes together for the drummer. Working with Polyrhythm and leveraging advanced techniques are the cornerstone of the program. We will take deep dives into the approach of some of the worlds great drummers  to advance the students overall capacity for playing anything that comes their way! A good deal of self-directed learning is applied here as the student will have more defined goals and tastes in music at this time. It is the AMAZING culmination of  all the  work the student has put into the program!