Lessons in Lansdale

Drummer Lessons in Lansdale, PA

Parents seeking to enhance their child's development with music have taken the first step toward opening a new world of learning and growth for their child. With so many parents commuting and juggling busy schedules, it's a comfort to know there is a wonderful musical learning opportunity that is convenient, affordable, and safe for their child: drum lessons with Mike Killela.

Whether the drums have been a lifelong dream or are a recent interest, I am here to help you or your child develop a passion and skill for playing the drums.

What You'll Learn

I can teach all types of drumming styles, from classical to hard rock. Whatever style of music you like, I can help you or your child learn. My drummer lessons are personalized and vary depending on the student's level. I help beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels with the skills and practice they need to keep improving. I'll even give you the first lesson for free!

In Lansdale, PA, you won't find better drum lessons that are suited for children and adults alike. Whether you want your child to learn or you want to develop a new skill, my lessons can help you grow. You can blow off steam or spend time with your child. Call 610 812 7620 to book your lesson.