Lessons in Collegeville

Drummer Lessons for Collegeville, PA

The drums are the perfect instrument for anyone who loves tapping along to a catchy beat. And with drum lessons from Mike Killela, you can be the beat behind all of your favorite songs. Call today if you want experienced drum instruction in Collegeville, PA.

What You Learn

I teach all ages and all skill levels. You can choose either beginner, intermediate, or advanced lessons. Each one offers its own benefits. And you can decide what length of lesson will most help you achieve your drumming goals. I have taught both young and old students, novices and experts. And with over 50 years of drumming experience, I will make sure you get personalized instructions for your needs.

You can start drummer lessons at any age, and if you are considering lessons for your child, don't hesitate to ask me any questions about their readiness. I will make sure they have a great experience that enhances their learning but that also helps them have fun.

Whatever type of music you love, we can work on. All you need are drum sticks, time to practice, and a sense of adventure.

Send me a message to get started on your drum lessons in Collegeville, PA. And when you start your drum instruction, your first lesson is free!