Recommended Beginner Supply List


Drum Sticks (2 Pairs Minimum)

i  recommend  the  New  drumming  student  begin  with  5A  or  5B  size  sticks. with  a  wood  tip.  I  do  not  recommend  synthetic  drum  sticks  

early  in  the  drummer‘s  studies.

Practice Pad (Stand Mounted Preferred)

A basic tool in the drum student’s development is the drum pad. It allows for practice at the student’s convenience and allows for valuable practice at a low volume while the student is learning Rudiments, Proper Technique and reading applications.  If  the  student  is  unable  to find  a  stand  mounted  drum  pad,  a  table  top  drum  pad  will work.

Books You’ll Need To Start

Stick Control     

by George Lawrence Stone

Buddy Rich Snare Drum Rudiments

by Buddy Rich and Henry Adler

rockin’  Bass  Drum

by  John  Lombardo  &  Charles  Perry

Time To Practice

The  student  needs  to  practice  evey  day  to  advance  their  knowledge  and  skill  and  meet  their  goals

A Love Of Music

If  you love what you do, you’ll never want to stop!

A Desire To Have Fun!

I promise to keep the lessons fast paced and fun!