The difference that focus on the student can make:


My Background

I have been playing  Drums  for  50 years and  teaching for over 25 years.  I have experience  with  All  Modern  Styles  of  Music and  am  trained in  classical  and Drum  Corp  /  Marching  Band Techniques.  I  continue  to  perform in  several  ensembles,  keeping  current  musically  and  setting an  example  for  my  students.

I currently perform with the highly successful Long Island based band Victims Of Rock in addition to smaller local projects. All of my experience supports the best learning opportunity for you! 


Sharing my Passion for Learning

At  Move The Air .... Move The Mind Drum Instruction by Mike Killela (TM), I   have  one goal: To channel the students passion and energy so the student can leverage the proper technique, musical knowledge, repertoire, and power to pursue their goals and dreams. I have a track record of placing students in school programs and performance opportunities!


Studying With Me

Your lesson is  focused  on you.  It begins with understanding what the student’s goals are. Then, designing a specific series of lessons designed to help the student meet their goals and realize their dreams.  Together, we’ll make great things happen in your musical journey!